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the Container


Spark of Sophia is a 6 month collaborative journey. A space to connect with the deepest parts of yourself and converge with a community dedicated to the harnessing the expansion of global consciousness.

Online and in person events will strengthen our container and the bonds formed within it.

Spiritual mentoring is available to guide you in the reclamation of your joyous Awakening.

Your commitment is to yourself first. This is the container of your becoming. We are honored witnesses and guides.

- 2 events monthly (online) 

- live local events (as our community builds)

The monthly themes from Sophia are designed to bring you into your inner wells of knowing. To ignite and turn on the places of your divine truth.

Our live events (Saturday mornings & Thursday evenings) are your invitation to devote to the temple of you.

Guided shamanic journeys, mindful movement, and activations inspire your knowing.

Community share sessions anchor your lived expereinces and weave the web of what's possible.


sparks of sophia icon


Time between sessions is intended to connect and deepen in your inner knowing. 

To re-member is to put yourself back in divine harmony. To reclaim  yourself as a divinely designed being who is experiencing a spiritual awakening.

Journey to Sophia and remember the codes of the divine within.


- strengthen your intuition

- trust the universe as your partner

- align in ways of ease, joy, and grace

sparks of sophia icon
sparks of sophia icon


To create a new vision of the world is the mission. We answer the call of Sophia to share our dreams and visions, to bring forward the keys within. To become Creator.

Wild creation is celebrated here. When we witness and validate these as a community, the weavings take form and become expressions that affect reality.

- online community through Mighty Networks 

- a thriving collective to share, connect and forge in the fires what has been sparked

- your Guides are available to support your journey

I'm Ready

To ensure the sincerity of our container, an application upholds the integrity of our global community.

All applications will be lovingly considered by the Guides.

Drop into  your heart and reply from the stillness that is.

spark of sophia illuminates
Weave into the Dream

We live as love honoring the ways of Sophia. We are so excited to witness you!

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