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the Spark of the Spark of Sophia

Sophia has been a constant calling for each of your Guides. Whether explicitly or invisibly, it is She who guides us.


In the summer of 2023, the Temples of Sophia were opened. Visitations, healings, and spontaneous activations occurred there that were beyond anything we had seen before.

Sophia asked us to bring others to this container, to remember her ways and to ignite the Creators who call forth the New New.

The vision is held by 4 priestesess, acting as stable pillars to hold a container that is safe for you to find your way to Sophia, to your own wisdom, to reclaim the divine within.

Andye Murphy

Oracle, Shaman, Guide

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As a child I was called to remember the mysteries. Born awake, it was always the pursuit of spirit, recalling past lives, and exploring the weird that kept my interest. I served for over 20 years as Rock ‘n Roll Shaman, seeing over 13,000 clients through the Akashic Records. An activator of cosmic consciousness, I answer the call to Love in all forms. I fall in love several times a day and live in states of awe and wonder. Child-like for sure, but it is this lens of delight that illuminates the world we are creating. Sure, I can recall 40ish lifetimes but I am certain this is the only one that matters! By living fully in the here and now, by bringing all of the juiciness of reality to the now, it is the present of presence that excites me most. This call from Sophia is the latest endeavor of a lifetime in joyous service. I amplify the frequency of light within you, activating the living transmission of the wisdom of the divine. I unlock pure joy, love, and pleasure that carry you into your everyday reality. Sessions are deeply transformative and somehow also the most fun you’ve had in ages! Versed in the spiritual and physical worlds of the universe, I have dedicated my life to the activation of the divine within, with the goal to lead through the Awakening and remind all that joy is indeed power.

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Danielle Wilkinson

Visionary, Intuitive, Mentor

I am a lover & liver of life. Sovereign. Divine Feminine in form. A light keeper, activator & embodiment guide. A visionary artist/creatrix & space holder. I am actively dreaming the New World into being & setting new grids for Heaven on Earth. I live & serve as a direct channel of Source. It has been my honor to hold space for others to remember their divine truth & ignite their personal power. I am so very excited to co-create with you & Sophia. This is a dream that we all collectively dreamt into being! ​I have chosen this lifetime to REMEMBER, breaking out of the mold of domestication, stepping into my ultimate truth & Sovereignty. It is my true service & divine purpose to assist others to awaken to their ultimate power through joy to do the same. I have been on this path of shedding, remembering & awakening for over 10 years now. I have collected some amazing tools in my toolbox along the way. I am: a certified quantum bridge timeline star healing facilitator, a certified Reiki master/teacher, a 500 hour RYT certified yoga instructor, a certified mindfulness instructor, a certified art instructor, a certified advanced psychic medium & shamanic/journey practitioner. I am also a self published author of a book I channeled titled “Conduit of Light''. I have been holding space for personal healing & mentoring sessions, group classes & workshops as well as hosting international & local retreats for almost a decade now. I have owned & managed several brick & mortar spiritual centers throughout my journey as well. My intention in all of the work/joy that I do, is to hold space for you to become the absolute best version of you. It is an honor to create space for you to rediscover your authentic truth, find stillness in modern chaos, ignite your inner purpose, activate your inner bliss & awaken to your highest potential.

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danielle wilkinson radiant

Dena Fields

Prophetess, Seer, Visionary

As a preacher's daughter raised in the south. I knew there was more to the divine than what I was shown. A deep hunger for more of the gnosis of the divine has led me through many paths. I am a lover of mysteries. I continue to dive deep into learning how to play with creator/creatrix. I enjoy exploring modalities that include astrology, tarot, plant medicines, meditation, fasting, & yoga. A hair artist by trade. I love polishing your armor. With the divine flowing through me, this prophetess desires to awaken your hunger, awaken your connection, to help you remember the divinity within you.

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dena fields ready to ignite

Sarah Sears

Priestess, Tantrika, Channel

The subtle stirring of Sophia quietly guides my journey through this and many lifetimes. A student of Her wisdom, I am passionate about the holistic integration of the body, mind and spirit. Aligned with the pursuit of enlightenment, I am a yoga instructor, aromatherapist, Reiki Master and drumming facilitator. I encourage myself and others to reconnect to themselves and rise to meet the excitements of this life through deep listening and incorporating multiple modalities into the wellness journey. 

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sarah sears priestess of sophia
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Who is Sophia?

spark of sophia ignites

The First and The Last, the great weaver of paradox, She does not seek or search for solutions, yet offers surrender to the Divine Spark of inspiration housed in the heart. She is Living Wisdom that resides in each of us, conceiving, seeding and growing a New World. 


Sophia beckons from the chaos of human consciousness to commune at her Well where she offers rest. From an inner state of gnosis, She pours the signature frequency of Creation into our being, the way forward illuminated.


Private Mentoring

While the Spark of Sophia is in session,

special rates and scheduling priority

is given to our community. 

spak of sophia illuminates
Weave into the Dream

We live as love honoring the ways of Sophia. We are so excited to witness you!

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