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Private Mentoring

As a Spark of Sophia Community Perk, you can work with any of our

core team  Spiritual Mentors privately for a special rate.

You will also receive priority on our schedule

$144  per 1 Hour Session (gratuity not included)

Reach out directly to the Spiritual Mentor you choose via Email to Schedule

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Andye Murphy


Oracle, Shaman, Guide

Serving as Rock ‘n Roll Shaman for 20 years, Andye worked with over 13,000 clients ushering them into greater clarity, purpose, and bliss. 

When authenticity and presence matters, Andye sets aside monikers and titles to serve as she was designed. With a stellium in Cancer, she is the embodiment of the Divine Mother and rises to serve through love.


Healing the Divine Masculine is the culmination of years in service to love. I answer the call to Serve the Men and Heal the Planet.


Private sessions are life-changing portals of transformation. When I’m not working with the Divine Masculine, my calendar is open for ya.


The Cosmic Mama Podcast blips in and out of being with archives of Ascension talk on this very real path exploring what it means to be an awakening being.

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Danielle Wilkinson

Visionary, Intuitive, Mentor

​I have chosen this lifetime to REMEMBER, breaking out of the mold of domestication, stepping into my ultimate truth & Sovereignty. It is my true service & divine purpose to assist others to awaken to their ultimate power through joy to do the same. 

I have been on this path of shedding, remembering & awakening for over 10 years now. I have collected some amazing tools in my toolbox along the way. I am: a certified quantum bridge timeline star healing facilitator, a certified Reiki master/teacher, a 500 hour RYT certified yoga instructor, a certified mindfulness instructor, a certified art instructor, a certified advanced psychic medium & shamanic/journey practitioner. I am also a self published author of a book I channeled titled “Conduit of Light''. 

I have been holding space for personal healing & mentoring sessions, group classes & workshops as well as hosting international & local retreats for almost a decade now.  I have owned & managed several brick & mortar spiritual centers throughout my journey as well. 

My intention in all of the work/joy that I do, is to hold space for you to become the absolute best version of you. It is an honor to create space for you to rediscover your authentic truth, find stillness in modern chaos,

ignite your inner purpose, activate your inner bliss & awaken to your highest potential. 

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Dena Fields

Prophetess, Seer, Visionary

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Sarah Sears

Priestess, Tantrika, Channel

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