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spark of sophia cosmic background

Sophia Welcomes You

The Evolution of Global Consciouness

We’re in an evolution of global consciousness. What is occurring is a planetary phenomena, the spiritual awakening of every being to remember the divine within.


Like you, our individual spiritual awakening journey has been an uncertain and lonely endeavor. Navigating the highs and lows, questioning sanity, and feeling distant from those around us... Yup, been there!


Again and again, we turn to the light. To the weird and wild, knowing within our every cell, this is the way.


It’s time to come together in community, to reclaim the joy of your Awakening, to be witnessed by others who see and feel you, and to truly anchor the New you were born to create.

A 6 month Journey to Access

the Wells of Joy & Power Within

A Living Mystery School

A Co-Creative Journey

A Global Community to Anchor the New

womans hand holding the spark of sophia

Spark of Sophia is an activation of your inner Creator. It is a living Mystery School to herald in the new ways. Each month you will be in direct connection to your own truth & innate power. 


We are a global community of activation to bring forth clarity and embodiment for Heaven on Earth. Our mission is to call forth what’s next from the places outside of what has been before. 


We cannot do this alone, but in the collaborative efforts & divine witness of a community, all is possible. We activate, stabilize, and weave the dream of Sophia.

What is the Spark of Sophia?

All is Within You

Perhaps you’ve been seeking, often outside of yourself, to make "sense" of your spiritual awakening.   Through social media, well meaning friends, and countless books, you encounter more information. Attempts to make logical sense only lead to more questions and less knowing.


What you need is the space to explore the quiet, to allow your own knowing the safety to arise, to be trusted, and to be your greatest super power.

The Mystery Schools point you to the treasures within.

Where you recognize the divine in everything.


 Spark of Sophia is an invitation to turn within for answers, to know the power of your divinity. 


We offer no credo, no dogma, no knowing. We hold a container for you to know Sophia, to know the light of yourself.


The only tool you need is You! To run your own energy, to trust your own intuitions, and to have the confidence to take action on those things that may make no sense but feel like everything!


We won’t tell you how, we’ll guide you to your own ways, your own knowing, and celebrate the magick that happens when you do.

Your Guides

Are you being called by Sophia?

Sophia is known by all, perhaps not by name but she is within you.  She is the divine spark that called you into being and invites you to re-member now.

Who is Spark of Sophia for?

You are on your spiritual path and ready for a community.

You know that in community things happen - we weave a tapestry of remembrance.  In witness, we fortify, anchor, and create what's next.

You know this reality is a collaborative dream and cannot be evolved alone.

You know the magnitude of your heart, your innate knowing and seek to put it into action to fulfill your purpose.

You live authentically and from the heart of truth. You've faced some shadows and alchemized them into gifts.

You know yourself as creator and that your dreams are seeds of the new.

woman entering the temples of sophia


your investment in you and the radical acts of creation

sparks of sophia purple

$111 monthly

2 online events per month

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optional live events

sparks of sophia icon

global conciousness community
online group to play, create, & connect

sparks of sophia purple
sparks of sophia icon

devotion to your own journey
& anchoring inner divinity

Feeling the Call?

An application upholds the integrity of our container.

We call forward the perfect community in

devotion to yourself and Sophia.

Please take your time in responding. We are so excited to meet you!

sophia cradling gaia
illuminated spark of sophia
Weave into Sophia

Sign up to learn more and receive our free Intro Activation

to feel what we're weaving.

We live as love honoring the ways of Sophia. We are so excited to witness you!

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